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  • Fixing the Fastest Car

    You’ve no doubt heard the classic saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” It means, of course, that if something is working adequately, you should refrain from changing it. Leave good enough alone. This advice may be good or bad, depending on the situation. For example, leaving good enough alone is bad advice for Read Mor […]

  • Pulling Yourself Into Your Future

    Last week at Content Marketing World, I realized a lifelong goal when I met and interviewed John Cleese. Today it hit me: I had planned it all along. I’ll come back to this in a moment so that you can see how that dream fulfilled fits with a talk that I gave at Content Marketing Read Mor […]

  • Who Owns Your Story

    I’m just returning from an exhaustive, and exhilarating, week of amazing people at Content Marketing World, and after speaking with so many people about a common challenge, I’m thinking of one of my favorite Hollywood quotes. It comes from William Goldman (who holds a special place in my heart because he wrote The Princess Bride Read Mor […]

  • How Much Content Is Enough?

    When’s the last time you heard anyone in your organization say, “I don’t have enough to do”?  Most business people are overloaded. And yet, for all that overload, business projects are less and less likely to meet expectations. According to this year’s “Pulse of the Profession” report published by the Project Management Institute, 16% of Read Mor […]

  • Innovation Comes From Love

    Around Valentines Day we talk about love. This year, I’d like to send a Valentine to the work. The work we do as practitioners of content. One of the things that I’m continually struck by is how many times we “look for the template.” And, no, I don’t mean the content template (although that’s a Read Mor […]

  • It’s Time to Combobulate

    Combobulate. I love that word. Let me explain. The BBC recently did something revolutionary for a 93-year-old media company. It dropped its channel-based television and radio divisions and reorganized itself around “content and audience-led divisions.” Basically, it will have two main divisions – BBC Entertain and BBC Inform – which themselves will be made up Read Mor […]

  • Keep the Purpose in Repurposing

    Repurposing content is a complex activity that’s often misunderstood. I’ve written before about how I’ve changed my answer when people ask how much content they should create. I used to say, “As much as you can and still have it be great.” I came to see this as bad advice because it assumed that the Read Mor […]

  • What Is Content Strategy Innovation?

    It’s important that we begin resetting our notions of content’s function in business. For the businesses I’ve talked with, the challenge was never “How are we ever going to create enough content?” It was, rather, “How the hell are we going to manage the deluge of content we are creating?” If businesses stopped to consider Read Mor […]

  • Leave Them Wanting More—by Creating Less

    There’s quite a bit of talk these days about quality vs. quantity when it comes to our content strategy. The discussion usually centers on the question of how much content we should we publish. Sometimes the question is channel-centric: How often should we blog? How often should we tweet? How often should we email? These Read Mor […]

  • Let’s Make Content Great Again

    Our Intelligent Content Conference was held recently, marking the true purpose of this “Content Strategy for Marketers” newsletter – these weekly ramblings from me. I write this on a plane after an exhausting and rewarding three days of wonderful content strategy talk. I was grateful to meet so many of you and experience so many Read Mor […]